Current Happenings at SleekDB

Just a little log about what we're up to...

I wanted a place to post updates about what's actively happening behind the scenes at SleekDB.  I didn't want to have a blog post that would get buried, so it made sense to create this page where I can put little one or two line updates about what I'm doing.  This will hopefully give users an idea of what to expect in the near future.  If you see anything here or have any suggestions on what you'd like to see worked on to make SleekDB better for your needs, don't hesitate to contact us.

16 SEP 05

It is obvious that things have been silent around here lately.  SleekDB isn't completely dead.  We are still offering free database hosting for non-profits.  Someday, it is possible that we will offer more robust services as we had initially intended.  No current clients will be affected.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

15 NOV 29

New clusters have been created in the US-West and Europe regions.  We have configured these new clusters with SSL from the very beginning.  SSL will be available soon on the US-East cluster as well.  Our next steps will be working to allow users to signup on the region of their choice and have multiple databases per account.  Once that work is done, the new clusters will be available to our end users.

15 NOV 26

We are adjusting our infrastructure to start the new year off.  There will be no service interruptions, but we will be isolating our clust1 cluster to strictly be in the US-East region.  This will allow us to offer much lower latency and also to tailor our offerings to better support each specific region.  The new clusters in US-West and Europe will roll out our first offerings of SSL connections.  We also haven't forgotten about our HL offerings and hope to roll those out as well.

15 OCT 22

As a follow up to our October 4th update, we will be adding the ability for encrypted traffic with our basic ML Plans.  We are currently working on this in our lab and plan to make it available in the coming weeks.  That is currently our main focus.  After this, we will be working on making our HL Plans available.  An HL Plan will make large use of a dedicated server to support larger databases and better overall performance.

15 OCT 08

Our Dallas node has disappeared.  The service provider says that the VM ended up being corrupted as a whole, so nothing was recoverable.  It's actually a cool situation that reaffirmed some of our architecture.  Since the 4 other nodes were in good shape, there was no lost data.  We fired up a new node in Montreal to replace Dallas and everything was pretty smooth.

We also took this time to monitor our overall traffic and it seems that traffic ranks as follows:  US-East, Europe, US-West.  Given this, we will not be bringing another US-West node back into the mix.  But sometime in early December, we will be beefing up our Los Angeles node so it is capable of handling more traffic as the sole US-West node and we will be dropping our Buffalo (US-East) node since we have the new Montreal node in place.  A new Europe node will come into play to get things lined up to handle Europe more effectively.

No adjustments need to be made on the user's side of things.  Your traffic will automatically be routed to the new nodes in the cluster.

15 OCT 04

I really want to offer SSL connections to users.  On a testing cluster, I have connections setup and working properly.  However, because there is more traffic in a cluster than just between client & server (i.e. there is server to server traffic for the sake of replication and state transfer), I need to tackle those other items yet.  I am unsure if SSL will be offered on our existing cluster (clust1) where users currently have their databases.  It may just be something I add to future clusters or maybe clusters of the hybrid/dedicated flavor (i.e. not multi-tenant clusters).

15 OCT 01

We've been playing around with some different cluster configurations.  We want to offer high powered machines that can support some pretty intense storage and processing needs.  These setups would, of course, be a bit more costly to the end user, but they would be ready for some pretty big projects that require the extra horsepower.  Feel free to contact us if you're interested in giving this new setup a test drive.